Protect your legal rights. My approach to defending clients during the 30 years I have been practicing law in the San Francisco Bay Area, is to take an aggressive approach, using all forms of available relief to avoid convictions, especially those which may have immigration consequences. My creative approach combined with thorough preparation and investigation have produced consistently winning results for my clients. Our strong reputation and proven track record pave the way for our successes in the courts throughout the Bay Area.

We emphasize defending all classes of serious felonies including, but not limited to, 'three strikes' prosecutions, drug crimes, sex offenses, violent felonies, domestic violence and DUI cases. The current penalties and consequences of a criminal conviction(s) in either the California state or federal courts, even for a first offense, are substantial. My first priority in defending my clients is to avoid and eliminate convictions, especially those having adverse immigration consequences.


I vigorously defend my clients' cases. Using well respected and affordable experts combined with a careful analysis of the facts and circumstances of each case, enables me to discover defenses which may have been otherwise overlooked. I also emphasize defending an ever increasing number of aliens who are seeking to adjust their status and/or who are in immigration court proceedings.

Since the passage of Proposition 21 an ever increasing number of juveniles are being prosecuted in adult court. I emphasize defending those juveniles in both the juvenile and adult courts.


Stephen Eckdish is an active member in the following organizations:
American Immigration Lawyers Association (A.I.L.A.)
Association of Trial Lawyers of America (A.T.L.A.)
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (C.A.C.J.)

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As an Immigration Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer who has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980, I emphasize obtaining adjustments of status to lawful permanent residency (‘Green Cards’) and naturalizations (U.S. Citizenship). I also place special emphasis as a legal expert, in the obtaining of post conviction relief (Motions to Vacate (eliminate), Modify and/or to Dismiss) in the California State criminal courts for those non-citizens who have convictions that make them inadmissible, deportable or removable from the U.S.