I am a San Francisco criminal defense attorney and U.S. immigration lawyer who has successfully defended clients in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1980. For 30 years our clients have placed their futures in our hands. We have taken those responsibilities very seriously.
As a California criminal attorney and a San Francisco lawyer, I have handled thousands of criminal cases defending both citizens and non-citizens in all types of serious felony crimes, including drug, domestic violence, assault, three strikes and DUI cases. I am also a San Francisco U.S. immigration lawyer, defending aliens in immigration court removal (deportation) hearings and representing clients seeking adjustment of status and asylum relief before the U.S.C.I.S. (C.I.S.) throughout northern California. As a criminal lawyer and immigration attorney, I defend clients charged with aggravated felonies, three strikes crimes, and crimes involving moral turpitude. As an experienced trial attorney, I also handle appeals from denials of adjustment(s) of status by the C.I.S. (formerly B.C.I.S. and I.N.S.), appeals from orders of removal issued by the immigration courts, and appeals from criminal court convictions. I practice in all of the San Francisco Bay counties including, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Marin County, Alameda County and throughout northern California. As both a criminal lawyer and a U.S. immigration attorney, I am ever mindful of the immigration consequences when defending non-citizen clients. I am skilled in the art of avoiding criminal convictions and jail time. Retaining an experienced criminal defense and immigration lawyer can make the difference as to whether or not you are deported.
If you are looking for an affordable California defense lawyer and a San Francisco immigration attorney, then look no further. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, I have extensive courtroom experience and resources. I defend clients in both the California state and U.S. federal courts. By providing aggressive defenses using all of the resources and remedies available such as filing for adjustment(s) of status and obtaining waivers, applying for cancellation of removal, applying for asylum and withholding of removal, and obtaining post conviction relief, we have established a proven track record with winning results.
Practicing as both a criminal lawyer and U.S. immigration attorney in San Francisco, I have been able to avoid the problems other lawyers have who are not experienced in both immigration and criminal law and procedure. As a criminal defense attorney, I am able to avoid convictions which have immigration consequences. As an immigration lawyer, I emphasize obtaining post conviction relief for my clients by filing motions to modify, reduce, dismiss and expunge their convictions. By doing this, I eliminate the basis upon which removal proceedings are based. If you are a non-citizen facing prosecution in California state court, U.S. federal court, or in U.S. Immigration Court, then you will want an experienced San Francisco criminal defense attorney and U.S. immigration lawyer to handle your case.

Stephen Eckdish is an active member in the following organizations:
American Immigration Lawyers Association (A.I.L.A.)
Association of Trial Lawyers of America (A.T.L.A.)
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (C.A.C.J.)

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